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note: the actual ink color on paper is slightly darker than shown in these digitized swatches


the ink

Conventional fountain pen ink can consist of up to six types of ingredients:

  • solvent (water)

  • colorant (dyes)

  • humectant (wetting)

  • surfactant (flow)

  • preservative (biocide)

  • buffer (pH)

Our fountain pen ink consists of only four total components because our binding agent can act as humectant, surfactant, and preservative all in one. The pH of our ink ranges from 4.0 to 4.8 depending upon color, in line with inks from other manufacturers. Our well-behaved ink flows medium-wet yet dries fairly quickly.

the bottle

Our fountain pen ink is dispensed in a 20 milliliter transport vial. We chose plastic vials over traditional glass bottles for several reasons:

  • appropriate for storing chemical solutions

  • leak proof

  • shatter resistant

  • easy to carry

  • wide mouth (no bottleneck)

  • recyclable

  • inexpensive

Please remember to tighten the lid completely to prevent spills.

the reviews

  • I was really impressed with this ink. It is $6 for a super practical 20 ml bottle. The ink goes down wet, but dries fairly quickly (even a dollop I accidentally spilled on a nearby pad of paper was dry to the touch not long after.) - Evan R @ Penquisition

  • [These inks] perform very well on a variety of papers and in a variety of pens. I have used this ink in everything from inexpensive fountain pens to my most expensive pens. As fountain pen lovers like to say, this ink behaved very well in all my pens. - Robert B

  • This ink is awesome! I love how it writes and the convenience of the container makes this ink a must have! - Kelly P

  • I use the London Navy, and I can honestly say that this is the best fountain pen ink I’ve ever used! I also love the portability of the container. -Dan J

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where to purchase?

Our fountain pen ink is sold online through our trusted partner:

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